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Blog entry by Koh CC

MakeX Spark 2021

MakeX Spark Online Competition is a project-based creative design program for young people aged 6 to 13. The participating team will need to focus on the specific theme and devise a solution through software programming and hardware construction. The solution will be a demonstration project and a poster with topics including research, design-thinking process, construction scheme, and outcome summary. 

With the characteristics of low entry-level and flexible forms, Spark focuses on guiding teenagers to not only learn interdisciplinary knowledge and apply them to practical problems but also improve their problem-solving and logical-thinking abilities, developing their creativity and imagination. 

THEME: Family Care

What comes to you when we talk about home? A nice house? A big dinner prepared by parents? A secret space for yourself? Or warm cares from family? A warm home refuels our bodies and spirit like a gas station. Amid the hustle and bustle of modern life, parents are always busy for business. When you hang out with friends, you cannot leave your kitties behind. But how to look after your company when you are apart? All you need is to take one more step, create your warm long-lasting care with ideas.


The theme of 2021 MakeX Spark Online Competition-2nd match is Family Care. Based on this theme, contestants are encouraged to build efficient projects for passing love and care. Here are some questions for you to think about: 

1) How many family members are there in your home? Who are they? Have you met any problems when staying with them? What kinds of care do they need? 

2) Do you know anyone who lacks family care more than others in your community? How can help them? Let’s create a Family Care solution with our brilliant ideas!

More Info here: MakeX SG 2021 Competition | STEM Academy

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