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Blog entry by Aathithya Jegatheesan

Direct School Admission: Part 2, Sharing my experience

Direct School Admission: Part 2, Sharing my experience

Hi everyone. I am a student from a School in the west. I’ve entered my school under DSA with STEAM( Science, Technology, Engineering, Aesthetics, Mathematics) in 2020. I would like to share my experience with you.


DSA is a process where P6 students can gain admission to a school they like before their PSLE.  You can apply through Robotics, STEM, STEAM, Coding and more. You can visit to see which schools support them. It is also good to go to the school website to find out more about the school and see whether it suits you. 


To register for DSA, follow what MOE has instructed and put SST as one of the options. There is nothing much you need to prepare for DSA as SST looks ours for values that an SST student should have. These are critical thinking, creative thinking, curiosity, collaboration, communication skills, citizenship, cross-cultural understanding, confidence, commitment, and courage.


If you have any certificates of achievement in areas related to STEAM, please prepared the certificates, and upload them in the DSA Application process.

There are two rounds of assessment for my school.


For the first round, there will be a quiz. In the quiz, you will be tested on questions based on the P6 syllabus. The subject focus is towards Math and Science, there is no coaching required because studying school textbooks and notes will be sufficient.
They will test your ability on problem solving and critical skills.


You will be tasked to construct or innovate an item to solve the problem. I was tasked to design a floatable platform that will hold objects without sinking. They gave me a list of objects, and I had to sketch out a design. A tip to share, be open-minded
and creative. Also, to elaborate humbly and be polite.

If you do not get into the interview, do not be disheartened. There could be a chance of you being admitted through SI (Supplementary Intake). Also, you may have to bring a few things during the interview, and it will all be stated in the email when they
admit you to the next round.

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