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Blog entry by Koh CC

Hour of Code: CODE TOWN

The past year has taught us that learning happens everywhere. Around the world, we’ve seen educators, families, and students using Minecraft to stay connected. This coming holiday, you will be task to locate the town mural.


The town mural has gone missing since the start of Covid! It was constructed of 9 puzzle pieces that are now scattered throughout the village. Students need to use their coding skills to retrieve the puzzle pieces, bring them back & place them in the frames to restore the mural.

Students will need to solve 9 coding challenges. Students can tackle them in any order. They will need to use sequencing, loops, while loops, nested loops and conditionals to solve the coding challenges. They can start any challenge by interacting with an NPC that will provide them with instructions.

Performance Expectations

Students will complete all the coding challenges and collect 9 puzzle pieces. If they put all the puzzle pieces into the frames correctly, they will get the missing town mural.

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